Advanced Pranic Healing Course - Aakaar Pranic Healing Center

Advanced Pranic Healing Course is for the healers who have done Basic Pranic Healing and they wish to go deeper into subject matter with greater understanding of Prana and its various aspects, type & properties. You will learn how to utilise color prana for quicker, more effective healing results. Color prana produces more focused effect on the energy field & chakra.

Advanced Pranic Healing uses color pranas and chakral techniques to produce a very rapid healing and to cure difficult ailments.

A 2 days workshop where you will learn about advanced healing techniques, healing using color prana, handle critical healing in a short span of time, treat wounds, pain, burns rapidly, blood cleansing and internal organ cleansing technique, a meditation on Twin Hearts with Self Healing much more.

What will you learn?
Color prana is more specialized and more potent than white prana. Using color prana instead of white prana is just like approaching a specialist instead of a general practitioner.Grand Master Choa Kok Sui
Basic Pranic Healing Workshop
9:30am to 6:30pm
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Pranic healing has changed my ways of life. It is really a right place where any one change their life style in many ways.. what we need is health,wealth,prosperity and spirituality and in one place we get every thing. Healers are always ready to help I recommend everyone to visit once .. Thank you so much


Pranic healing changed my thought process lot. Emotional detox program was bliss. It came at right time when I was in need of it. I felt so relaxed, so relieved, so energetic. Being a pranic healer I would recommend it to everyone just give it a try. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Looking forward to do next level courses.

vaishali d Designation

Being a superhero movie fan myself, I always wanted to be one of them. When I was introduced to praanic healing by a friend, I came to know each one of us is a superhero but we don't know how to unlock our powers. I am still on level 2 unlock but will reach the end with their support. So I will end this review with a quote 'with great powers comes great responsibility'.. good luck to all aspiring superheroes 😉

krishi ajbani

I'm very blessed to connect with Aakar Pranic Healing Centre. My entire ideology and mindset got changed and it also helped me build courage in life. It is a pathway which is helping me to achieve oneness with the higher soul.

Anjali Somani

Had a truly amazing experience today for Full moon meditation! I am glad to have connected with Aakar centre. My whole life has changed through Pranic healing courses, meditation and their healing techniques.

diksha datwani

Have participated Basic pranic healing course. 2 days passed so fast and easy, but the amount of knowledge was unbelievable. Can heal myself, friends and family members and so many techniques to maintain prana and overall Heath and happy life. Thank you so much!

Karolina Safina
    Advanced Pranic Healing Course